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North Ride Ibiza

+34 - 669 604 083

Opening  hours
Tuesday  to Saturday By arrangement
Sunday and Monday Day of rest
If you would like to visit us, please call before

Post address
Apartado  Correos 156 (P.O. Box)
07810 Sant Joan
Ibiza, España

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Max Louarn
2019-07-10 01:09:14
My 14 year old daughter is with me in Ibiza for 2 weeks from July 20th until
August 3rd. She is a horse addict and an experienced rider and show jumper so
she would like to ride and be around horses while in Ibiza.
I would like to know what offers you have for her, what she could do. She
could come quite a few days during this period (21st, 23rd, 24th, 25th,
27th, 28th, and 31st) based on your availability. Please tell me more.
Beside riding horses, she is very keen to learn more about how to take care
of them and other activities around the horses.
If you have other suggestions for activities, please suggest them to us.

She is bilingual English/French.
Myself I also speak spanish if English is not convenient for you (my daughter
speaks a little bit of Spanish but not that well).
Thank you!
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